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Book 1

You can rule your world

Childrens books: Self help – Life skills for:

Self awareness, self confidence, positive self imagine


The list of book in: Imagine Your Life series of books

You can rule your world:
Who I am, what I can do.
I am unique 

You can rule your world: Who I am, what I can do, I am unique (self aware and self accept and self confidence)

Owning your world? Owning my feelings and behavior (self acceptance and self discipline)

Grow your world: Choices, decisions, Sewing and reaping – you can be in charge of your life outcome- (personal responsibility)

Your power to secure your world: rules, authority, discipline, trust and fear (accountability, positive protection and security)

Really See your world: Paradigm shift/perspective and attitude. Fears -power to change your outlook (reaching out to others and self

As high as your world can go: Dreams, goals and balance of life (persistence, peace, ambition)

Love your world: Gratitude and affirmations (positivity and gratitude)